Do you think superheroes exist? No?
But in America a real subculture of so called heroes do exist. There are men and women wearing costumes, adopting pseudonyms and doing good deeds. The Real Life Superheroes. They act anonymous and selfless and try to make Americas streets a bit more secure and the world a bit better.

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Thanataos, aka the Dark Avenger, patrols the Downtown Eastside in a Rorschach-like uniform topped off with a creepy green and black skull mask. He hands out water, energy bars, peanut butter, blankets, and other necessities to those in need, and leaves behind a card inscribed with the motto “I do what I can, when I can…” He’s a pretty pragmatic real life superhero.

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Before he heads to the poverty-stricken Downtown Eastside to hand water, food and blankets to the city’s most vulnerable citizens, costume-wearing superhero Thanatos prepares one final item for those living on the streets –
white slips of paper with the word “friend” scrawled on them.

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“I’m a real life superhero here in Vancouver. I take care of those who really need help the most. I take care of those in the street, I watch out for them, I defend them, and I help them out.

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The man in the mask was Black Knight, a member of Seattle’s so-called “Real Life Superhero” community, who has lately been spotted patrolling the city streets with Phoenix Jones.

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