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An archive gallery of images from Real Life Superheroes.org (before the big crash).

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Random images from the Real Life Superheroes.org Archives

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It saddens me to announce that Real Life Superheroes will be shutting down.

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Going on Patrol…or Missions? So…I thought about pulling the Supermobile out tonight for a road patrol or driving to St.Pete for a foot patrol. And I thought to myself “how much have I really accomplished doing that?”  Sure I’ve had …

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Original Blog: http://blogs.seattleweekly.com/dailyweekly/2012/07/rex_velvet_making_wishes_come.php It’s a crazy world we live in. On one hand, you’ve got Seattle real-life superhero Phoenix Jones, caught up in yet another drama, with some questioning the motives behind his efforts to get the public to pay …

While Phoenix Jones Wants Your Money For Himself, Rex Velvet Makes Dreams Come True Read More »

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Being a gadget builder, I reuse and repurpose a lot of things. Almost any bit of scrap technology can be reborn into something new and interesting with a little imagination, some know-how and hard work. I pride myself on being …

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Here he is at his first official event with Team Justice and the Humane Society Of Pinellas. Strutting his stuff with the other dogs at the 12th Annual Mutt Strut. Here is a longer (but still fun) video of K-9. …

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Greetings! I’m finally getting a few moments to write.  Ever since the weekend of Superheroes Anonymous 5, there has been a virtual whirlwind of activity surrounding me, keeping me from writing my blog. A good deal of it is tech …

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