These superheroes live in our neighborhoods, patrol our streets and help our needy. They live normal lives and hold normal jobs. The superpower they hold is caring. These heroes have taken upon themselves the daunting job of helping others. Their super-caring has led them to a life where action is preferable to inaction…where lending a helping hand is necessary…where love and justice are not just words, but a way of life.

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Published in ¬†loaded Magazine By James Swanwick Loaded joins a bunch of ordinary fellas who claim to do extraordinary deeds on the mean streets of New York City. The scene is set: it’s midnight in New York and a woman’s …

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ORTLAND, Ore.- It’s another dark, damp night in Portland, and for many homeless people, the bloom is off the City of Roses as they shiver out another night of unseasonably cold temperatures under bridges, in doorways and on park benches …

'Zetaman' fights homelessness with courage, sacrifice, cool costume Read more »

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