With just a suit (or a pair of knickers), a cape and a mask to be like Batman and Man Spider or so.

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By Joel Warner You don’t exist. You think nothing, you feel nothing, you are nothing. That’s the secret to becoming invisible, to becoming the Wall Creeper. And he is surely invisible tonight. No one notices as the lean nineteen-year-old makes …

The astounding adventures of the Wall Creeper, Colorado's own superhero Read more »

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Un fenomeno nato dopo l’11/9, alimentato dalla politica dell’active citizenship di Obama
Regole precise e nessuna speculazione, pena la radiazione dall’albo

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By Paul Constant They hide their true identities behind elaborate masks and costumes, patrolling the streets of downtown Salt Lake City in groups of two and three. People react to them in various ways: Older folks tend to ignore them. …

SLC Superheroes: The Black Monday Society keeps an eye out for street crime so you don’t have to Read more »

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