Roy Sorvari, a 22-year-old former Boy Scout who lives with his parents in Antioch, answered to charges of resisting arrest — prosecutors alleged he kicked and attempted to hit a cop with his shield. With stitches in his forehead and two black eyes, the 5-foot-5, 130-pound Sorvari claims he had been beaten and knocked unconscious during the early hours last Thursday — perhaps by police — after the protest turned violent, according to his attorney, Jeffrey Kaloustian, of the National Lawyers Guild. Sorvari faces a felony charge of resisting arrest and a $15,000 bail.

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Jim Brashers goes on Patrol with Motor Mouth and Mr. Brasher gives his thoughts on Real Life Superheroes

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Originally posted: By Mark Berman Opposing Views (2 Hours Ago) in Society The next time you need help, you may get it from a real life superhero. A group of people calling themselves, oddly enough, the Real Life Superhero …

Real Life Superheroes Patrol Our City Streets Read more »

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Daily Mail UK recaps People Magazine article on Real Life Superheroes and Nyx.

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