Thwack! Pow! Take that, evil agents of the clamping industry! Here’s a toothbrush, my homeless friend! As the wannabe-superhero film ‘Kick-Ass’ hits cinemas this weekend, Johnny Davis catches up with the real-life caped crusaders who are striving to do good on the mean streets of Britain and America, supported by their long-suffering families (and unforgiving spandex…)

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By Ariella Cohen It was a warmish spring night and Dark Guardian had on his trademark chest-hugging motorcycle armor and bulletproof vest. His face shining under the streetlamps, the 24-year-old strode purposefully across Manhattan’s Washington Square Park. When he reached …

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The Statesman ... Scott Cooke

Photo essay originally published online at Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics at New York University This photo essay is about Superbarrio Gomez and his journey in the construction of a “politics of the possible” (1) , an alternative political …

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