These past few months, I’ve been preparing this site for new owners. The new management of is The Watchman and Life. Any questions about this site and modifying its content, please address those questions to The Watchman or Life …

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Originally posted: Hot Docs Review Superheroes World Showcase 82 minutes | USA | Language: English | International Premiere | Rating: PG The conceit of the graphic novel and film Kick Ass is the idea that no one before in …

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Jim Brashers goes on Patrol with Motor Mouth and Mr. Brasher gives his thoughts on Real Life Superheroes

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Originally posted: By Mark Berman Opposing Views (2 Hours Ago) in Society The next time you need help, you may get it from a real life superhero. A group of people calling themselves, oddly enough, the Real Life Superhero …

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Daily Mail UK recaps People Magazine article on Real Life Superheroes and Nyx.

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A phenomenon through the streets of several cities, halfway between reality and fiction. They are superheroes, hundreds of ordinary citizens who struggle against evil, dressed in trousers, coats and masks.

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