With just a suit (or a pair of knickers), a cape and a mask to be like Batman and Man Spider or so.

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ARJUN RAMACHANDRAN It’s certainly not a bird, or a speeding bullet, or a plane. It looks more like a guy in a silly lycra outfit. Wearing masks and the full superhero get-up, a band of “real life superheroes” are patrolling …

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Reported by: Jenn Burgess Email: jburgess@abc15.com It’s dusk in the Valley. A shadow moves among the downtown Phoenix buildings. Though this masked man doesn’t seem to want his real identity fully known, his mission is made clear: stop social injustice and …

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Citizen Prime and Green Scorpion can’t stop bullets with their hands or see through walls. They don’t have archenemies, and they’re not crippled by Kryptonite. They do, however, don costumes and patrol the streets of Phoenix, looking for wrongs to …

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