With just a suit (or a pair of knickers), a cape and a mask to be like Batman and Man Spider or so.

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Written by Janice Christensen Tuesday, 08 December 2009 by Tea Krulos, Photos by Paul Kjelland The Watchman is a “real life superhero,” one of a growing movement of people who adopt costumed comic book-style personas. These people do charity events …

Operation: Sidewalk Chalk Read more »

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Message from Razorhawk: A friend of mine, whom some members of the GLHG know as well, asked me to participate in a great charity event for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. It is the Briggs & Al’s Run & Walk for …

32nd annual Briggs & Al's Run; Walk for Children's Hospital Saturday, Oct. 10, 2009 Read more »

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To make a donation, please visit the Great Lakes Heroes Guild donation page at: http://firstgiving.com/razorhawk Message from Razorhawk: Pledge to make a difference I am participating in the Briggs & Al’s Run & Walk for Children’s Hospital on Saturday, Oct. …

Briggs & Als Run Walk for Children's Hospital Update Read more »

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