With just a suit (or a pair of knickers), a cape and a mask to be like Batman and Man Spider or so.

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Ordinary people wearing costumes and fake names to do good and fight crime. Meet the phenomenon of super-heroes in real life

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Originally posted: http://panicdots.com/2010/04/kicking-ass-real-life-superheroes/ By Andrew Moore There was a question poised in Matthew Vaughn’s fantastic, action packed, superhero film, Kick Ass, when the protagonist – played by Aaron Johnson – asked his friends, why hasn’t anyone ever decided to become …

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First Reallifesuperheroes.org news exclusive.
Master Legend and Superhero give the low-down on the first Real Life Superhero Non-Profit Organization, Team Justice. Also read about Team Justice’s future plans to make the world a better place.
By Allison King.

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