Do you think superheroes exist? No?
But in America a real subculture of so called heroes do exist. There are men and women wearing costumes, adopting pseudonyms and doing good deeds. The Real Life Superheroes. They act anonymous and selfless and try to make Americas streets a bit more secure and the world a bit better.

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In a situation almost straight out of the movie Kick-Ass, Jones is fighting an assault charge for allegedly spraying pepper spray on people, who he says were fighting. Seattle police say the people were dancing.

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FLINT — A bandit of masked crime-fighters will be patrolling the streets of Flint Saturday. The local team, known as the “Michigan Protectors,” is a part of a world-wide movement called “Real Life Super Heroes.” The “heroes” are made up …

Group of 'Real Life Super Heroes' to patrol Flint streets Read more »

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