With these guys, there is no rulebook, there is no manifesto. They go out and be whoever they want and try to help the community in any way they see fit.

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First Reallifesuperheroes.org news exclusive.
Master Legend and Superhero give the low-down on the first Real Life Superhero Non-Profit Organization, Team Justice. Also read about Team Justice’s future plans to make the world a better place.
By Allison King.

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Entomo moderator Posts : 2700 Agent of Balance. Posted 14/05/2008 07:54:52 PM Name Edited Out, YOU are taking MySpace too seriously, NOT me. I’m busy with my Superheroic activity (which is everything but a “delusion” – actually, I’m currently going …

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ORTLAND, Ore.- It’s another dark, damp night in Portland, and for many homeless people, the bloom is off the City of Roses as they shiver out another night of unseasonably cold temperatures under bridges, in doorways and on park benches …

'Zetaman' fights homelessness with courage, sacrifice, cool costume Read more »

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