Captain Ozone and Environmental Media Northwest are also leading the BIGGEST peaceful demonstration for renewable energy ever! It’s called “Green Power Rally” and it’s going to take place in many cities throughout the United States and Canada on July 31st, 2010. All are invited to participate!

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These superheroes live in our neighborhoods, patrol our streets and help our needy. They live normal lives and hold normal jobs. The superpower they hold is caring. These heroes have taken upon themselves the daunting job of helping others. Their super-caring has led them to a life where action is preferable to inaction…where lending a helping hand is necessary…where love and justice are not just words, but a way of life.

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ARJUN RAMACHANDRAN It’s certainly not a bird, or a speeding bullet, or a plane. It looks more like a guy in a silly lycra outfit. Wearing masks and the full superhero get-up, a band of “real life superheroes” are patrolling …

Shadow Hair, Mr Extreme and the not-really-super heroes Read more »

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Un fenomeno nato dopo l’11/9, alimentato dalla politica dell’active citizenship di Obama
Regole precise e nessuna speculazione, pena la radiazione dall’albo

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