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    Hazop Ranger

    I’m Hazop Ranger. I’m a third-rate B-CLASS Polish-American of the United States of America. I stole and skateboarded as I partied before quitting at 23 years of age. I quit because I started to work; opening up reserves of emotion from RPGs, morals, and noble dedication.

    It has been 5-6 years since then. I never forgot how hidden everyone aspired to be on drugs, so while studying animals to defeat “spirit-animals” by finding the solidarity of which animal is my animal-soul (thus hazoping it into my favorite animal) – I mailed a letter to the White House for an autograph, and to patriotly inform of my neighborhoods corruption; I’ve moved to this former neighborhood from my High School neighborhood – conquering it by influence. But with my party experiance, being Polish-Amercan, that meant studying heraldry to learn forestry\science further or be a Low-Lander and role-play swordsmanship to stay noble.

    I’ve decided to continue my studies with a community collge, and sustain through peer-pressure to be indifferent by the indivisible allegiance I pledged to the United States. So, to end “new world” ambiguity I proove I was never an Out-Lander by quitting Heroes Network for the greater good love, devotion, might and stealth.

    Of course not until I make my avatar the costumed version of me…. Cant be wary of smythe federations. I’ll be deleting former posts and editting corrections until that fateful time.

    That won’t be quick as currently with modelling my room to suit prestige of my comics, or inspirational shows like “Endurance” or “NICKELODEON GUTS” has me ended up with using the WWW with a T.V. remote, creating a skateboad throne and first name basis stuff. And Ialso master the intrgue of quantum-hyper-lethal-vectors as a swordsman. Not only does it help me to focus on muscling thuroughly and limber up for future dexterities like stretching, and acrobatics for determination and regulating pride through gravity to synergize myself for greater things like being social. It also ennobles my creative writing on focusing on permant-roleplaying characters.-So, I’m busy.

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