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    Real Life Super Heroes Organized

    The history of this forum has withstood multiple debates surrounding the organization of RLSHs and sadly the classic comparison of RLSHs to a herd of cats is often proven as one of the best descriptions, when it comes to RLSHs working together.

    There were fights in which no one wanted a leader. A lack of agreement in direction was a constant whisper often disrupting any movements forward. Rank, titles, job functions would bounce in and out of conversations as visiting relatives, long-lost. Even the idea… and actual design of an agreed upon logo could not survive the like and dislike power of internet-courage and opinions, while sitting behind a keyboard.

    As a watcher, I have also wondered, ‘Why?’

    I do not have an answer.

    Last week I was approached by an employee of one of my clients and we struck up a conversation about helping others and giving back. He told me about an organization he joined called, ‘Team Rubicon’. The organization started in 2010 – amazingly, back in the days of the old RLSH forum.

    The guy I spoke to, I will call him, ‘George’, is a 52yr old, active outdoorsman. He is also an attorney at the office I take care of. I asked him how he did it, and he simply said, ‘you have to WANT to.’

    For him, doing good, was as simple as that.

    These guys would get together and share their skills with one another by training their specialties to each other in classes. Last month they had a class on using a chainsaw. Another one of the guys, who worked for the city, gave a class of using heavy machinery, and yet another taught people how to drive a tractor-trailer.

    While some of these sound like common skills, it was amazing how many members had never used a chainsaw, drove a tractor-trailer, shot a gun (and learned gun safety), or backed a pick-up truck with a trailer attached.

    They created their own certifications, awards, and methods of recognition, as well as found ways to give back. Many of their operations were done on the weekends and spare time. In fact, he told me about one of the operations they are passionate about, is going to certain neighborhoods to destroy condemned homes, shacks, and abandoned structures.

    They actually organized, worked with the city and gained the permission to perform these actions by ensuring that each person involved was trained by their organization. Now, they travel around getting involved in disaster recovery and other events around the world by replicating their model. Here’s the clincher, They receive tons of donations and also apply for Grants.

    When I spoke with George, I could not help but to wonder if THIS was how the Real Life Super Hero movement could have been… and/or SHOULD have been.

    This community has gone back-and-forth with posts on martial arts techniques, gadgets, weapons, armor, and heck, even hotwiring cars… but, when it came to truly organizing to do good – silence. None of these things are about coming together to do good. They sound good. They can protect you, keep you in shape, and help you to kick butt… but honestly, are these things about doing good or being ‘cool’.

    The most critical component of Action is Movement.

    Now, it seems the entire RLSH movement has drifted into cessation. Is it really over or did it slide back into the shadows? What is going on?

    Team Rubicon
    Link: https://teamrubiconusa.org/

    -Omen, “Heroes aren’t made during good times!” – The Elite Forces Division

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