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    First of all, let me be clear about something. I never trusted you and never wanted anything to do with you. When you first messaged me in 2012, you came at me lukewarm. Not as a friend.

    Since then, I did give you chances, but you have changed your name and personality countless times. You tried to act like a friend one day, and an enemy the next. I never felt uncomfortable with unblocking or re-adding you on facebook. And I never will.

    You accuse me of being mentally instable. Dude. Pot. Kettle. Black.

    I let you have your stupid rants here. You knew I am a believer in God.

    You also knew I do not check this forum every day. I keep it for information but I do not use it everyday. I have other places I can use to network. So you think you can order me around like that on here? No. I created this forum to help this community. But I won’t let anyone push me around on here. But if something was that urgent you could have actually tried to message or call me. Not that I would have sided with you about this because you side against God and tried to hypocritically twist someone else’s words as if they promoted violence when you yourself have done that many times. The fact that you set some bogus time limit for me proves to me that you were never really on my side to begin with. DO YOU NOW SEE WHY I NEVER WANTED TO GIVE YOU CHANCES BEFORE WHEN YOU CAME AT ME WITH YOUR SOBBY WHINY PHONY APOLOGIES? I DID NOT TRUST YOU BUT YOU BEGGED ME TO BE YOUR FRIEND AGAIN???

    My only name I prefer to use is Tothian. Calling me anything when you knew that makes you evil. Bringing up things about my past makes you evil.

    No one is perfect but there are a lot of fake superheroes who spread lies or who twist facts about me. Most of them don’t know me and have nothing to do with me and aren’t legit sources to speak for or about me. Fake news like CNN.

    Also your threats mean nothing. I am not afraid of you and nobody else is neither. You have no means to ever meet me and if you did you probably would not do anything and if you did try to attack me you wouldn’t succeed.

    I want to say to leave me alone because I want nothing to do with you, but then I realized the more crap you say about me the more famous and relevant you make me.

    Leave this community forever. You are evil and are not one of us.

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