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    First, I sincerely hope that none of us end up in circumstances that are so chaotic that our only choice is to hot-wire a car to escape. Before continuing, there’s one thing that needs to be crystal clear: You cannot practice this technique on your car, or anyone else’s for that matter. This will do severe damage to the vehicle. I do know of one person though whom actually found himself in a situation where he needed to use this method. He was swimming in a swimming-hole in the middle of nowhere. Guess what? He left his car keys in his shorts and lost his keys in the swimming-hole. Luckily, his car was an older model vehicle, and he had tools in his car. He was able to follow these instructions, hot-wire his car, and get himself home. Obviously this guy was in a tough spot, but don’t forget that doing this will really mess up your car.

    The Right Car

    Before getting into specifics, let’s take a moment to talk about procuring a car to hot-wire in a dire emergency. First, take a look around and see if there are any cars with unlocked doors, or keys just sitting there in the seat. The real jackpot would be finding an unlocked tow-truck. Why? Tow-trucks have a master set of keys, and this set is basically going to get you into any car around. Obviously a tow-truck might not be right there for the taking, or you won’t find a car that’s unlocked. Your next best bet is to find an older-model car; I’m talking 1999 and before.

    These older model cars are actually everywhere. Once people start noticing them, they’re often surprised that there are so many older model cars still out there. Make a point of looking for them when you’re out on the road. I guarantee you’ll start seeing them everywhere.

    What You’ll Need

    1. Wire-Cutters and Strippers
    2. Pliers
    3. Flathead and Phillips-Head Screwdrivers
    4. Hammer
    5. Insulated Gloves
    6. Electrical Tape
    7. A Car

    How It Works

    This is a rather simple process, but I’d recommend keeping a set of these instructions in your car, or maybe your laptop bag or purse, for a dire emergency. Since this isn’t a technique you can practice, it’s entirely possible you won’t remember how to do it in an emergency situation.

    Step 1: Once you’ve found the car you’re going to hot-wire, insert a Flathead Screwdriver into the ignition as you would a key. Pound the screwdriver into the ignition with your Hammer. You will want to turn the screwdriver just as you would a key that’s in the ignition. If you’re having trouble turning the screwdriver, use you Pliers to help you. Sometimes, if you’re really lucky, this actions is enough to start the car.

    Step 2: Use a Phillips-Head Screwdriver to remove the screws in the plastic panel above and below your steering column.

    Step 3: Locate the two red wires. These wires provide power to the vehicle.

    Step 4: Put on your Insulated Gloves.

    Step 5: Use your Wire-Cutters and Strippers to cut both ends of the two red wires, and strip the ends of them. Twist the ends of the two red wires. (One red wire from each of the wires you cut. So don’t twist the ends of the same wire, but the two different wires together.)

    Step 6: Locate the brown wires; these wires connect to the starter. Some cars will have one brown wire, others will have two.

    Step 7: Use your Wire-Cutters and Strippers to cut both of the brown wires and strip the ends.

    If There are Two Brown Wires: Touch the two brown wires together to start the car. Once the car is started do not let the wires touch again. They must be kept separate. You can wrap them with your Electrical Tape to keep them from touching. This will also keep you from getting shocked.

    If There is One Brown Wire: If the car only has one brown wire, touch the brown wire to the red wires to start the car. Once the car starts, separate the wires and put Electrical Tape around the end of the one brown wire.

    Breaking Car Windows: Should you ever need to break into a car to save your life, and you need to do this undetected, Duct Tape is going to be very helpful. Place large pieces of tape on the window in an X shape. This will keep the glass from shattering everywhere and making noise. Also, to break the window, use your Tactical Pen, or another object, to strike the window at the corners. This is where the glass is tightest and most likely to break. If you strike the window in the center, and the object is not strong enough, it’s just going to bounce off.

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