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    Hazop Ranger

    I was browsing through my internet and was conducting research on furthering my ghost burning (afterall I know to practice swordsmanship incase of a shade) through ghost hunting methods- ghost burning is just not ghost hunting; no gizmos, no cameras, no groups, no hunting But instead to use all that input of knowledge into swordsmanship, so then incase of a ghost I fearlessly attack it with pride and righteousness because of my love for God. Now attacking it without a sword will give me viable options to retaliate, or even better to command a group of people to flee from the construct/build/area giving me the time to figure out a plan of offense if needed. Had I simply ran away I would stick to that one-way thought and make sure defense is my pursuit- the pursuit of survival; running away.

    You must attack it so it can not take any bit of your souls essence from you. Because it is a ghost it would have the possibility of doing that just because it was undead before you/around you.

    There are many of a kind of spirit definition, and I believe that they are defined such because of souls they had gotten through to.

    I suppose spirits are invisible because in Gods good grace they are just allowed to be spirits. Never the less if God doesn’t allow them to enter heaven then they are still a nuisance in some way.

    A ghost is the next one. Ready to reap a part of your soul should you not be barbarian enough to punch it- proving you like yourself.

    I believe a poltergeist is next. Now this undead has somehow understood it has an ability to reap souls but can not figure out why, because it is undead it will become chaotic.

    A spectre comes next, only in the fact that it stopped having those chaotic moments to return to a former state. A spectre must of been a poltergeist that wasn’t disturbed and mellowed out to haunt a location.

    A revenant must of been a spectre that either renewed its thoughts because it was aware of having once been a poltergeist, or it was a ghost that evolved into a revenant because the purity of whatever soul it reapt to begin withs essence purged it from becoming violent. (If that can happen.)


    The hard spirits are what come after those haunted a location long enough. Either they would leave the location, and phantom a new location. (If the spirit is unintelligent to leave it’s haunting it can’t be considered any of the spirits that would evolve/transcend from the essence it had of the person/animal former happiness. Only those would be capable of leaving. Although I suppose a spirit could be that in its very own definition, pured enough to reform with nature to go with God. [Otherwise we’d be slaying spectres left and right by now.])

    Should it have come to that phantom managing to haunt a new location shades would manifest out of the darkness and need to be slayed through a holy weapon/a blessed weapon. Should a shade get away, which is exactly what they would aspire to do from the location they would become a wraith… Reaping everyone and everything wherever they went.

    Should a phantom not manage to haunt another location it would slowly revert (if God allowed) to a poe. Should that poe come into contact with anything alive the results could be catastrophic. They could try and merge with people’s latent memories while asleep and become nightmares- then it’d entirely be up to the individual itself to defeat that source of spirit. By becoming atleast an avenger to themselves- that’s a noble sort of knightly courtesan. (That’d mean a fully developed muscular body, atleast to the specifics the person knows is capable enough for them). Should that fail the poe would move onto the next human soul, and clairvoyantly turn into a “bogeyman/genie”. That’d then in turn have them resurrect the dead if a whole town were to be under the spell of that necrotic energy.

    We would then be fighting ghouls.

    {The last type is a ghast. A ghast is a spectre, for instance/example, that decided to haunt an entire forest instead of a humane construct. Taking a lot of animal souls and never really understanding how to continue, but it still takes animal souls.}

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