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    Dark Shadow


    It’s all about control. Control under the disguise of Humanity and co-operation. I have 4 words for these arrogant fools…


    It’s Globalism Hero_man, the little twisted idea of a single One-World Government in control of basically the entire planet. it’s an idea that’s as old as stale bread. Globalists are pure scum, they are greedy, sniveling, bureaucratic oligarchs who think that since they have all the influence, money, and power, they should be the one’s making the rules. They are responsible for a lot of stuff and only now is the world really waking up to what they have in store. As for me, i do research on several sites and have unfortunately come to the conclusion that the majority of what’s actually reported about these kinds of people is in fact…verifiable.

    As for myself, i plan to continue my research and investigations regarding these types and raise more awareness on both exposing and stopping these types of people who want to bring a New World Order (NWO) amongst us…for now.

    Thought I’d just give you all a little heads up. Don’t have to believe me, do your own research and make up your mind, the pieces are all there and are coming together. It’s time that free people pull out the monkey wrenches and stop the Machine, so to speak.

    DarkShadow Rising…

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