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    Right now there is a major war going on right now in the Real Life Superhero Community. People don’t see or realize it but it is going on. Good VS. evil. It has been going on for years. Good is called evil and evil is called good. Its a war for the very heart and soul of heroism.

    We need to define not only what makes someone good or not, but also who is good or bad because right now its backwards. I’m not even saying what a superhero is or isn’t because that is left up to the individual opinion and perception and experiences to decide. Part of why I always say this Community is NOT a “Movement” but rather has many Movements in it.

    For one, the people who look to condemn others pasts when they seek to be better and don’t want problems. Those condemners are usually the bad ones. I dont throw the first attack but when constantly attacked by very evil people dont expect me to be quiet about it. Like how it even says in the Bible that Satan is the accuser. In the end times the deceived will think he was good or that he fought evil. No. He is filled with hatred and unforgiveness and Jesus is the one who forgives those who repent and tells people to go and sin no more. Jesus tells people to become better. That is how you make the world a better place by allowing it to become better.

    People can hate racism and police brutality all they want and I will totally support that but once they start supporting rioting and looting and destroying property is where I draw the line.

    One deceptive question people will ask you is “What matters more to you. Physical property or someone’s life?” Its kind of like a “Push Poll” in which the way a question is phrased will influence the answer. Most people would naturally say someone’s life. But what if that life is the life of a terrorist who wants to attack you or worse, and the property is your house and all your money and everything you own. NOW what matters more to you. Its the physical property we have (which they say is “replaceable”) is what can keep your “physical body” alive.

    Some will ask “There are 2 groups of people in danger. In one group there is 100 people and in another group is 2 people. Who do you save?” Most people would want to save the 100. But again what if the 100 people are all terrorists and the 2 people are your best friends or relatives?

    The idea here is words can deceive. As Master Legend taught me many years ago, people need to have sight beyond sight.

    I dont care what people’s political views are, for the most part. But I do care about people being safe and free.

    One guy said something really really dumb to me recently. He said “RLSH shouldn’t carry weapons because we need to give people hope.” Hope for what? That we can be easy targets like sitting ducks in a real emergency? That wouldn’t make me feel very safe having them keep me safe if they didn’t have adequate means of defending their own selves or others from extreme threats. That doesn’t give me hope at all and its another example of the liberal progressive agenda destroying the Superhero Community from within. People are told against being real ACTUAL Superheroes.

    One guy told me when he joined a welcome group for superheroes (run by very VERY bad people) he was TOLD to not ever fight the bad guys or actually protect people, and to instead just go around filming himself feeding homeless people. ARE YOU SERIOUSLY F***ING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?! That cheap watered down imitation of superheroes has mostly destroyed this community from within.

    Remember. It isn’t about image and it isn’t about who people are “associated with”. Popularity is a tool but it is NOT an ingredient of heroism.

    This might get a little bit confusing what I say so pay attention carefully. Remove this “Cancel Culture”. It is destroying the world and will continue to do so. The goal of making the world a better place is to allow it to become better. HOWEVER, when evil people who are destroying the Real Life Superhero Community from the inside DARE to call ME evil or bad when A LOT of them are guilty than far worse than me, and people who never even spoke to me before automatically believe it I’m going to start calling them out. I’m not going to be quiet about it anymore.

    I am actually going to start calling out names and peoples flaws.

    Rock N Roll. I blocked her way early on because all my friends were attacked by her and she was friends with my enemies. I followed my instincts on that. I heard her voice on Crossfire’s show and got a really really bad evil vibe from her. She came across as so unlikeable and like she thinks she is better than everyone. Recently she DARED say MY name as if she is an expert on me? I never ever spoke to her ONCE. She has always been toxic to this community.

    SkyMan. Most overweight human being I had ever seen over a decade ago. And he still is. Everyone just keeps glorifying him which isn’t helping him at all. He isn’t even a real superhero. For example, a REAL ACTUAL Superhero will be more likely to be condemned and hated in this messed up evil world. But a fake Superhero is more likely to be glorified. He is constantly getting sympathy from hundreds of people who encourage him to stay overweight. Despite a decade ago he wanted to be friends with Phoenix Jones and patrol with him ONLY because Phoenix Jones was just in an article. And he latches on to big names. When an actual crime occurred… it was a shooting. Phoenix Jones (he didn’t condemn me for my past mistakes – so don’t ask me to do it to him) immediately ran to the scene of the shooting to go after the shooter and make sure people were safe. SkyMan ran away and hid behind a taxi. And yet everyone condemned Phoenix Jones and glorified SkyMan. That’s what is wrong with this community.

    Ace Edward Venom and Skye Knight are bad because they outright condemned me because of what they heard about me without ever getting to know me or hear my side of things. They were both filled with such an evil hateful horrible demonic vibe. Ace Edward Venom actually calls himself a Jedi but he is more like a Sith. It reminds me of my nightmares when there was a whole community of demons posing as Superheroes and it was the most evil vibe I cant even explain to you in words but it felt exactly like that.

    Dusk. I call him Demonic Dusk because he is a bad guy. He always has been a trouble maker in the Real Life Superhero Community which is why I avoided him long ago. He constantly harassed disabled people. And when I went out and tried to do good he while doing nothing decided to condemn me for it. As if I’m supposed to just crawl under a rock and die???? I knew long ago he gave a bad vibe when he was a newby (to me he is still a newby) and now he thinks he is someone special? He is not tough at all. He is not too funny neither. And he supports getting rid of the New York Police Department WHILE crime skyrockets in New York City. He is a villain in every sense of the word.

    Citizen Tiger. He at first seemed like a self righteous pompous douchebag which would normally make me like someone but he had bad vibes. We had an argument and a falling out and then a year or 2 later during World War Tothian he admitted he was just faking a friendship with me just to spy on me. WHAT A FAKE! I heard him speak on a radio show and he sounds a LOT more like a cop than a superhero. It’s actually cool when cops talk and act like superheroes but NOT cool when superheroes talk and act like cops.

    Dark Defender. One of the lamest and most boring people you could ever meet. Sorta. One of the only interesting things about him is he has that weird stuh-stuh-stuh-stuh-stuh-stuh-stutter. And that 2/3 of his team are incompetent liabilities. One who harasses cops and the other who thinks he is Anakin Solo from the Extended Star Wars Universe and lives in a facility for the disabled. A few years ago he was online dating a fake profile of some asian chick who kept dying and coming back to life every other week. When he kept idolizing the fakes I WARNED HIM! AND NOT A DAMN RESPONSE FROM HIM! He is not the kind of guy who would really have your back like a real superhero would.

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