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    I’ve been tossed into to a information war, and the other side is playing dirty (threats of violence).

    Before you start, the threats are vague, so it’s unlikely that the cops will bother.

    I could just show up it the cons doors and say somehitng like “so this is where you live”, but I prefere to wrestle to my own rules.

    So, is anybody here good enough to leave a message for them on their webpage?

    More in the line of changing the text on the page into something closer to the truth. I don’t find it like spray painting a message on their garage door, it’s more like helping them paint it.

    I have no problem finding out where they live (it’s a registred company), but I’m not going darkside on this. It’s an information war, so I’ll stick to information.

    If anybody is intrested, give me a PM and I’ll give enough details for you to decide if you want to help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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