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    Hazop Ranger

    Witches would have to be separate from all aspects of Guardian Training, for instance for such as the Oracle Knight. Which means we’re winning because it’s the way to live!

    Witches would be possible in only one way: Damning the population. {Which doesn’t matter as long as we believe in God.}

    Warning: We as humans can not single out the Witches by inhumane means. They will do it for us [Hence the “burning of the witch” actualities], those that have survived pass that could only seduce you. So, as long as you do not fall victim to them there you most likely will see them turn heretical and blasphemous. They may just disappear though; they’re witches. Should that happen, and this method is for the Exposer, call the police with a phone. Even after they disappear – you should know their full name otherwise they were the seducing type. Which is called a “hag” if I remember right.

    The Exposer doesn’t weight-lift. That’s all I know, but they aught to be on our side. The only way to lose to an Exposer is to not have trained your mind to be smart, diligent, and important. If you don’t you may forget them should they return to your immediate area by you not recognizing them.

    Essential: To stay functional in society. Everyone made it to society by their methods, you/they just want to continue prospecting their aspirations. Some are jovial/jolly speakers, others are content to be on guard to listen and speak well to others from their point of view. You are you.

    Basics: Just an understanding to go outside and better one’s self. For it to be a manual you’ll eventually need to weight lift to prove who you are to yourself, which is easy – you just do it. You could either do it solemnly, with a gym/gym membership or do it privately.

    Training yourself to weightlift centers your mastery of Earths gravity. We want to jump, run, walk, climb, hug, clap, ride bicycles, drive automobiles, fix, maintain, cleanse, stay proactive, and it keeps us happy.

    Advanced: While weight-lifting you must train in swordsmanship. Where you take it should only concern you. You could learn multiple weapons to hone your Martial Arts or you could become a business man (a business owner is something else). You may even take it upon yourself to go to college and just settle down with your own family. Those of you would then probably like to create a family tree, or history of your bloodline because of the noble action.

    That’s how to create a coat-of-arms and rise through the ranks of courtesy, chivalry or piousness. Family crests/sigils, excetra, excetra. Some people even make an animal a Herald for their matters. Be it their spirit animal or a power animal to them.

    So you suspect a Witch, or know there’s a Witch within your life. You need to keep calm and keep living.
    You will have to adhere to reason and train yourself emotionally.

    Going outside and training in open fields, hills, forests (open trailed or not) and other designations such as the next neighborhood, metropolis’, towns, cities, beaches, excetra.

    Some even become Rangers.

    If you do not want to become a Ranger then keep doing you. It’s working and doing great. You know what you need to do to make it better.

    Extra note: Role-Playing will help you figure out your aspirations if you only know how to goal yourself. I’m serious, take Dungeons & Dragons for example. There are “Adventurer’s Leagues” at gamer locations where you play the table-top dice game. All you need to do is play it one time to understand the mechanics. Those mechanics will help you fortify your foundry in the “Art of War”.

    You’ll then have a decision there. Weightlift first or exercise to get to that point in life.

    If you don’t you have lied to yourself. Those players still playing Dungeons & Dragons in mass groups are only brainwashing themselves. Perhaps they just want a perfect adventure by making it to level 10 without a scratch before they take care of themselves.

    That ruins the barbarian character they could of had. But becoming a magic user is against the code. You can definitely role-play against them though, be it your own role-plays after leaving the League or with the Adventurer’s League.

    Some people will even use a magic character to infiltrate rune stone lore to teach themselves how to tame animals. That’s gaining several characters created to figure it out amongst the other players, but if you haven’t died before your next character (meaning That character has made it to level 10) then you have just succeeded where your mind wanted to get to. Then it’ll be time to train with what you know. Goodluck and Godspeed hero!

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