Hero Tips

By Captain Prospect
Here are some helpful suggestions from superheroes that show how everyone can make a difference in their communities. You do not need a mask or cape to make an impact, just a desire to make a difference.

→ Cleaning up litter or organizing clean up events
→ Volunteer at your local libraries
→ Volunteer at a nursing home
→ Organize a blanket and clothing drive for local shelters
→ Help find missing persons by flyering and asking questions
→ Give out sandwiches, blankets or other emergency items to the homeless
→ Donating blood
→ Be a volunteer firefighter, police officer, EMT or any other civil service programs
→ Participate in pre-organized charitable events
→ Collect canned food for your local food bank
→ Collect money for a charity of your choice
→ Collect toys for children
→ Contact your local board of education and participate in drug prevention
→ Become a big brother/big sister
→ Do minor things for people to generally improve their day, such as helping to carry heavy loads, helping ladies across the street, buying people who work outside coffee on a cold day, etc.
→ Handout, post and/or e-mail wanted posters of known criminals
→ Join your local neighborhood watch group