Patrols…or Missions?

Going on Patrol…or Missions?

So…I thought about pulling the Supermobile out tonight for a road patrol or driving to St.Pete for a foot patrol.
And I thought to myself “how much have I really accomplished doing that?”  Sure I’ve had random instances over the years of being in the right place at the right time, but they’re few & far between. A car fire here, a mugging there…a drunk guy in a Hover Round here…a lady with here head busted open in a parking lot there. But for the amount of times I’ve struck oil there has been many nights of absolute boredom…or as I said it in a panel at a con a few years back “95% Boredom for one minute of sheer terror.”
So anyways I see Zimmer Barnes wrote awhile back about doing Missions instead of patrolling. I’m beginning to think this may be sound logic.
EVERY time I’ve set out with a specific mission in mind I’ve pretty much accomplished it, or figured out how to accomplish that goal for the next time.
95% of the times I’ve headed out on patrol I’ve ended up Driving around or stopping to pose for pictures with Collage girls or explaining What the Hell I’m doing dressed like this.
There might be something to this whole mission’s thing, Get specific tasks done, be it Philanthropy or Recruiting or gathering information on a known Dealer or sitting in a specific park that’s having a rash of assaults, however you roll you might be better planning it out then just jumping out the front door in your gimmick & saying “All right Evil! Here I come!”
It’s just food for thought.

4 Comments on “Patrols…or Missions?

  1. You’re singing my song man. Been doing it just that way for 22 years now. I’d like to add not to set your sights too high. Better to accomplish little goals that add up over time than try and fail to accomplish a huge goal. Sometimes it is the little things that mean so much to the individual you are seeking to help.

  2. This isn’t food for thought, it’s a meal for thought. I’m an aspiring RLSH (aspiring because I’m still training), but I’ve never really considered patrols in this light. Its a lot to think about, and I give my sincerest thanks.

  3. I find that now leading a team you kind of put a tag on what type of patrols you want to do. Like weather you’re an environmentalist crew or a crime fighting crew.