A New Era

I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself to those who do not know me. I am The Watchman. I am a husband, father, brother, and son. I am a man who cares about humanity and the world around him. For years, I have been what is commonly called a Real Life Superhero (RLSH), and now, I have become the administrator of this website. With this change, there will be other changes made over time, though the spirit in which this site was created will remain.
The man formerly known as Zetaman, after retiring as a RLSH, passed this site on to me. More recently, he completely removed himself from this site. He believes there are too many bad feelings between him and others to remain, feeling that it would hinder the growth of this site and the RLSH sub-culture as a whole.
The RLSH sub-culture is fluid. It is always changing. It is always in motion, even when it seems to be standing still. There are many people who feel we have not gotten anywhere. However, in many ways, we are much different than we were just a few short years ago. Some of these changes have been for the better, while others have been for the worse. Still, we continue on, searching for a better world and a brighter tomorrow.
2011 was predicted by some to be “The Year of the Superheroes”. I do not believe that, and frankly, would have been disappointed had that been the case. The phrase implies the reaching of the peak, and typically,  peaks are followed by decline. I do not believe we have yet reached the peak. No, I believe we are still far from it. We have a great deal of potential yet to be uncovered. What we lack is unity.
There are many different kinds of RLSHs. There are crime-fighters, social activists, charity warriors, environmentalists, social commentators, and those who try it all. Some embrace the superhero terms and imagery, while others are less than pleased with them. Regardless of personal missions, opinions, methods, and motives, we are all a part of something BIG. Yet, too many of us cannot seem to get over ourselves as individuals or small groups.
I can remember a time when squabbles and differences between us were handled quietly, out of the public eye, in order to allow us a chance at the heroic and inspirational images we wished to project. Now, there is no secret that this “community” of ours is full of fighting and drama. Online comment sections and forums are bursting with ridicule, arguing, and flame wars from within. Many of us try to avoid this behavior, but it seems to follow us around. The feuding and hatred has driven too many of us away from what could become a great movement, and it has proven to onlookers that we are no better than much of what we claim to fight against. Even as some of us fight to prove to people we are serious when we are accused of being ridiculous, more of us seem to go out of their way to prove them right.
I realize a large number of people feel we cannot be organized or united, and there are too many differences between us to unite. I believed that for a time. However, I am no longer content to worry only about local matters. The world does not end at my back door. What affects the world affects me. What happens with one of us can affect us all. We are creative individuals who tend not to conform, but I’m not being unrealistic. We do not need to agree with everything everybody else says or does, and there are many more ways to get things done than what we do ourselves. We do not necessarily have to change our own missions and methods, and we do not need to lose ourselves to be a part of something bigger. We can still disagree, but it is time to turn to healthy debates that maintain respect rather than being hostile.  It’s not that we need to become some giant organization filled with rules and regulations, but we do need to put aside petty differences and focus on what we have in common. All this unity requires is that we lay down our egos, open our minds to new ideas, and have respect for each other, as well as for ourselves.
I don’t think this has been the year of superheroes at all, and I am not looking for that year to come. Instead, I am looking to the future; I am looking toward a new era. I believe that era can begin now. Therefore, I am using this opportunity to do what I can to bring RLSHs together to grow this sub-culture into the great movement it has the potential to be.
However we may each go about it, we are all trying to make this world a better place, and that will only happen together. I am extending a hand to each and every one of you. I hope that each of you can get past the egos and differences, and learn to work side by side, even if our own mission is not quite the same. I am asking that we try a new way, and hopefully each of you will extend your hands as well. Let’s look to the future and welcome a new era for Real Life Superheroes. If we want the world to be better, we must be better.  Let it begin now…

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  1. Well said Watchman, there is strength in unity, and we need to step forward und unite.
    I would be part of this .

  2. Knight-Hood here. You can count me in as well. Being the old man of the group I have and will continue to attempt to be the calming voice of reason on this site. I am not shocked that tempers have often flared here. Many of, in fact most of our members are 20 something or younger and to even care enough to try and be a rlsh means that you are a passionate person. Passion is a two edged sword and thus can lead one to have a short fuse. The Watchman is correct, we do need to have more respect for one another. My only suggestion is that if you read a post that makes your blood boil do fire off a comment as fast as you can. Wait until you have calmed down, even if it takes 24 hours. Never type a response in anger, it usually only makes you sound like a jerk anyway. This does not mean you have to hold your tongue. Speak the truth but say it as politely and matter of factly as you can. There is no need for cursing or name calling. Treat others as you wish to be treated. The Buddha once said “Always be kind because everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”. Knight-Hood

  3. At least there are a few of us who think this way, some of what I have been reading has been way out of hand and out of line.
    Let’s keep up the good fight,

  4. Holy Crap on a Cracker. This is the Best Blog i have ever read, it sums up everything i have been thinking… kinda like listening to Eminem sometimes…lol. ha-ha. but seriously well said, i am proud to have read this and will share it with all. I am proud to call myself and all of you TRUE SuperHeroes and know regardless of what anyone thinks, we are all in it for the same reason…. TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT.
    Rock On THE DED BEAT

  5. I hope we can all stop acting like fools now.
    Those who wear a mask to stroke their own ego are what will hinder us.
    There are many people seeking to make a name for themselves and not enough trying to really improve the world.
    We all came here to learn to help people.
    We all have some sense of justice we seek to dispense.
    We all have this in common. So, stop the bickering. This is not about costumes or catchphrases.
    They say actions speak louder than words, this is the truth. I always show and display the proper respect to anyone I encounter. It’s a good way to get respect back. But act like a fool, bicker, and bitch? Then you will be treated no better than a toddler having a temper fit.
    Watchman is 100% correct, and you can count me in.
    Anything I can ever do to help the movement, let me know.
    DH (The Crimson Canuck)

  6. I can only offer this advice and caveat:
    Politics is poison. Keep out of politics and you will keep the thing together; start allowing the movement to “offically” start espousing political views and causes and you will alienate many heroes of good will.
    I have been watching a while and certain activities that are abjectly good and non-controversial seem to bind you all together: Charity and a general opposistion to harm coming to others.
    Stick with those and you will be golden.
    But, being the idealistic sorts you all are, be wary of those politics. It is easy to fool yourself into believing others must think as you do. If you fall into that trap and veer left or right, you alienate half your allies. Stick to abject goods and maintain tolerance and you can’t go wrong.
    That being said, let me give you some insight into another idealistic little group: Anthropologists. That’s the branch of academia that studies cultures and subcultures. Last year it nearly tore itself apart as the national organization started going postmodernist and leaning hard to the left. In the process they nearly ripped the community in half and left a lot stranded in no-man’s-land in the middle. (By the way, that is no dig at leftists… rock on if you lean that way… it would have been just as bad if things were hijacked by the other side too.)
    It all happened because one faction began to believe that everyone else must think their way. It was a near disaster. We could have stuck to what we all know we must pursue to do our job: the professional study of culture, opposition to genocide, opposition to racism, etc. Instead we wound up consumed by foolish political aims. A year wasted and still the fires have not died down.
    You think you know flame wars? Until you’ve seen over-educated PhDs flaming each other you don’t know the half of it…
    So, when I say avoid it, I speak from experience. Even very well meaning people with very expensive advanced degrees make this mistake. Some times I think humanity never learns… but just this once: please learn from OUR errors. You can be professional and do what you ALL know is right. It just takes self awareness and discipline. If you can pull it off the sky is the limit.
    And, good luck to you all!

  7. This is the kind of thing that not only inspires me, but it also strengthens the inspiration I already have. One day, I hope to be able to work with you all, and if all goes well like you are wanting, then I will be able to.

  8. There is a reason why the United States Military is so great even while being so huge, and diverse. We “Military Veterans” understand that the side that loses it’s “Unity”, “Integrity”, and “Service Before Self” attitude, has already lost the battle, with the war to follow. “Unity” brings “Life”, and “Great Success”! “Integrity” gives streng to “Unity”! “Service Before Self” reminds us that there are needs on the line that out weigh our petty problems, so we must always be willing to serve our communities (RLSH included) with professional ethics regardless of our mega-ego’s! I firmly beleive we all chose our calling to make a diffrence in our world, and this is a worthy cause, however, if you’ve taken on the hero mantle to stroke your ego’s, you’ve forgotten that the duty of the servant is “To Serve Others”!
    You have my support,,,
    ShadowFang BlackWolf
    A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.
    Mohandas Gandhi
    All Wars are Follies, very expensive, and very mischievous ones. When will Mankind be convinced of this, and agree to settle their Differences by Arbitration? Were they to do it, even by the Cast of a Dye, it would be better than by Fighting and destroying each other. Benjamin Franklin

  9. Great words of wisdom and truth. The new or the old school doesn’t matter we are all interlinked with one another here when one personal attacks one our own we all feel the blows, when one triumphs from a trial we all do. We are all in this together so let’s continue with the positive leave all the negative and work as a whole. Plain and simple man, the world is watching

  10. Great post, and good luck as the new RLSH site admin. I am new to RLSH as of this week. I cannot wait to see how things change and I agree, unity is a must. I hope to meet many of you and make many friends. I am not doing this for publicity, only so I can be a symbol for others, someone who can be there when someone is in need. I havent suited up yet, but when I do, I hope i can do RLSH proud.

  11. Sobering article, to say the least. As a kid, since that’s technically what I am, this site has been a role model type thing for me. I love hearing about the adventures and stories about the many RLSH. But what irked me, and this is pointed out in the article, is the fact that many out there keep ridiculing one another. Didn’t Abraham Lincoln say that a “house divided cannot stand?” Then, yes, unity is key. And looking at the bigger picture can help. I dunno, just something that was on my mind and I thank you, Watchman, for taking the mutual feelings and posting this.
    Count me and my team in to help start the young generation into the New Era!
    -Silver Wing

  12. I’m not a RLSH, but you mos-def have my support! The next Era has been declared. Life does not have to be awful. Ya’ll know what to do. Keep it Real. Peace is Victory.

  13. Captain Britain here well said Watchman
    you can count me in
    i offer my hand of friendship to all RLSH
    and may we embrace the future together and make it a safer place for everyone

  14. I agree with everything in this article, we all need to put aside our differences and just learn from each other. In order to come together, we must know the talents, and weakness of each other, and learn from our mistakes.

  15. Well said, but uniting may not be that easy. I know this subculture so said is “american”, but i am Dane, and it is hard for me to get to you, and the other way round. However, i think you will soon be seing more Danes becoming RLSH´s, i am spreading the message out here in Denmark!

  16. Good for you. There are many Americans true, but it has already spread around the world. I know of many heroes in England, Italy, Canada, Australia, Germany and many other countries. Welcome to the world of rlsh’s and I hope you recruit many others.

  17. You have my backing, friend. Spreading the message in Wales will be difficult (when I go to uni and such). BUT I WILL DO IT. Good luck on admin.

  18. I agree that its time we all start fighting together insted of fighting each other! I send my best of wishes to our new admin!

  19. If anyone would like to take a giant leap forward in this light then i would like to invite you to join The Super Samaritan Society. Here Heroes are being cataloged and assigned missions of good will. IF direction is what you are needing than come find it here.
    Thank you for your interest,

  20. And now I am back to Re-post on this with as an actual member.
    I know that as of now, I am not much, and I won’t be that big a deal for a while, but this post does inspire me still. It shows me that maybe, by the time I have completely evolved into the kind of hero I wish to be, this movement will be ready not just for me, but for the next wave of heroes.
    It shows me that maybe one day soon all the RLSHs will be able to come together as one solid force.
    So there you go, you have my support.

  21. I am leaving this comment here because somtimes i do not get a response through e-mail and i would like to be heard. I want to know why my last blog was skipped and not put on the home page, i made some valid points and can not get anywhere with my blogs if i do not get everyones input. I am concerned because i was under the impression this was an opinionated site and a place where i can speak my mind. If it is because it is about pj again, that is not reason enough. I read all of your opinions…even if you are bashing him, and want to be heard. Please anyone who sees this get my back. If this site only posts what the moderator agrees with, then we have lost the purpose in this site.
    Ded Beat jackhavoctheband@gmail.com 360 477 7965

  22. Glory Majesty Unity we are RLSH and together we must stand even thouse like me who simply advise for i lack all else but TOGETHER we must fight