IRL Superhero of the Day

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raincitysuperheromovementIRL Superhero of the Day: Real life superhero Red Dragon of Seattle’s Rain City Superhero movement answered Reddit users’ questions in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) post today. Although he wouldn’t reveal his secret identity, he did give some insight into the life of a superhero.
Red Dragon patrols the streets of Seattle with Phoenix Jones and other Rain City Superheroes, confronting criminals and turning them in to the police. Unlike the fictional costumed amateurs in Kick Ass, he isn’t spoiling for a fight and doesn’t have (or want) an archenemy.
“There are no super powers. It’s not a comic, it’s not a game or a movie. I can’t fly or shoot spiderwebs from my hands. No heat vision. Nothing. I get shot or stabbed in a place that doesn’t have armor…I end up in the hospital like everyone else. Or worse,” he told Reddit.
Red Dragon’s biggest accomplishment as a superhero, other than lowering the overall crime rate in the areas he and his colleagues patrol, is chasing down a sex offender who flashed a high school student on a bus. And that time, he wasn’t even in costume.