Is it a bird? Is it in pain? Call the… Black Arrow

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black_arrow-2By Ryan Sabey and Dan Sales
BRITAIN’S first real-life female superhero emerged last night – and she saves abused PETS.
The mysterious BLACK ARROW claims to have used her secret identity for six years.
She wears a cape and mask and is a carer for disabled adults by day.
The Londoner said: “I make sure people aren’t abusing their animals. I serve justice to those who deserve it. We stand for those who cannot, because we can.”
The Sun has revealed at least 16 superheroes in Britain.
Another to emerge yesterday was Londoner CAPTAIN CHAMPION who patrols with a Union Flag shield.
His pal VAGUE, 24, is also a crime-buster.
ZEITGEIST, who dons a black mask, claims to have helped “clean up” a bar serving underage drinkers.
Blue-costumed hero ANGLE GRINDER spends days as a Kent odd-job man and nights removing wheel clamps from cars.
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