16 superheroes on streets of Britain

Originally posted: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3443305/Britain-has-16-superheroes-patrolling-the-streets.html

The Statesman ... Scott Cooke
The Statesman … Scott Cooke

By Chris Pollard
A WHOLE army of masked crusaders is fighting crime on Britain’s streets at night, The Sun can reveal.
At least 16 amateur super-heroes have been identified.
They have names such as Vague, Swift, Black Arrow, Lionheart and Terrorvision. But researcher Tea Krulos said many more operated in the shadows. He said: “Britain has more amateur superheroes than you’d guess.”
We told last month how chubby bank worker Scott Cooke, 26 – known as The Statesman but dubbed The Phan-tum by The Sun – secretly dons a Union Jack outfit to fight crime in Birmingham.
US author Krulos has investigated such comic-style heroes for years in the States. And he said: “In America we have many, but they tend to seek publicity.
“In Britain it is a very secretive underground society. They do all they can to avoid publicity and communicate online. Whole forums are set up and often they operate in groups. I have spoken extensively to The Statesman, and he takes what he does very seriously.”
Krulos – writing a book on superheroes – said he had spoken to six UK crusaders, and was trailing ten more. He said: “These are normal people wanting adventure and to improve communities. They achieve more than you’d think.”