Seattle's superhero suffers broken nose

Originally posted:
SEATTLE, Jan. 12 (UPI) — Seattle’s real-life masked crime fighter said one man pointed a gun at him and another broke his nose when he intervened in their argument.
The caped crusader known to the public as Phoenix Jones said he was attempting to stop a heated argument between two men from turning violent during the weekend when one of the men pulled a gun on him, ABC News reported Wednesday.
Jones said the other man struck him, breaking his nose, before both suspects fled.
Police said dressing up like superheroes is not illegal in Seattle, but they worry about the safety of those who heed the call to Justice, like Phoenix and his colleagues in the Rain City Superheroes.
“Our concern is if it goes badly, then we end up getting called anyway, and we may have additional victims,” Detective Mark Jamieson said.
Jones said he began dressing up and patrolling the streets after his young son was injured by broken glass from some teenagers attempting to break into his car.
“Teenagers are running down the street, breaking into cars, and no one does anything? Where’s the personal accountability?” he said.