The Zimmer Method

By Zimmer
Here’s a setup that utilizes what I’ve learned in 5 years of doing what we do. I’ve been in each of these six roles.?
zimzim01Let me explain.
Oracle is online, out of field, with ready access to mission-specific information, including databases, news reports, video feed, maps and more. They are connected by phone to field teams via Communication Officer, who liaisons information between the Oracle and teammates.
In addition to Communication, each team also has at least one Combat Officer and at least one Medical Officer. The Combat Officer is appropriately armed and armored to protect the team. The Medical Officer has training and equipment to handle trauma emergencies and administer CPR.
Optional team positions include Bait and Traceur. Bait is someone who acts and dresses in a manner to maximize the chance of a mugging/assault/rape attempt and walks well away, but in line of sight, of the rest of the team, who may split up to watch Bait from multiple angles. Bait may carry a purse or handheld electronic device in attempt to get it snatched. Traceurs are those trained in parkour and buildering. Traceurs can get to rooftops and behind fences quickly  if the need arises.
There are other skills that could be vital for missions not listed above. Consider having a Linguist fluent in Spanish or another language. You may often need to converse with people that don’t know English.
Also consider having someone knowledgable [sic] in gang symbols and tags, or forensic science, or detective skills. If you’re making a team, draw on a diversity of skills and backgrounds.
When you’re a member of a team, always be aware of the vital skills that are needed and fill that need. Always learn more skills and deepen your knowledge of the interests you have. Interest becomes passion becomes experience becomes expertise.
zimzim92The best thing about this approach is that it’s flexible. The medic, combatant and one communicating with an Oracle can all be ONE person. Just make sure that person (YOU) can function in those roles.

4 Comments on “The Zimmer Method

  1. TO ALL SUPERS/Future SUPERS: looking for a secret training facility?
    I am in North Eastern– WA state and I have access to 7 acres and an RV to set up a training compound to include Parkour-/Free running, trail training, free weights, various exercise machines
    HELP me develop this compound……..come train in a HERO environment full-time,part time, and get in on street patrols in Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, Sandpoint, ID and soon the rest of the world…
    I have over 10yrs military training and have been to college for emergency medicine- tell me what you can bring to the table…….training started yesterday………… serious replies ONLY… I am under Clive Drake on facebook keep in mind that is not my real name.

  2. hello there ive been working in my area for a little over a year now. the parkour and mixed martial arts i know come in handy, and was wondering if you needed a fellow teacher for parkour since ive been doing it professionaly for a few years now and this could help expand your training grounds and the training of would be heroes. im out of the new jersey new york area. please message me back via my yahoo if your interested at all.

  3. Hey there Monk-e here.. im looking to be a super like the rest and well i need a place to train.
    i can do basics of parkour (i.e jump off high-places(10ft round there) roll and jump over obsticles) but i would really like to do some ACTUAL training.
    im an experienced fighter. if any info please Email me at
    from SD

  4. If you really want to train, look up some martial arts videos, get a sand bag or a torso and head punching dummy, and practice some pressure points. It also helps to get to a local gym or if you have weights at home. Parkour is nice, but you cant run away from all of you battles. It may look cool on tv but in a fight it does little to help you unless you can somehow combine it with a martial art.
    Take this advice to heart Shadow Monk-e,