'Real-Life' Superhero Gets Nose Broken by Bad Guy

Originally posted: http://www.wtsp.com/news/watercooler/story.aspx?storyid=168610
(USA Today) — Seattle’s self-proclaimed crime-fighting “superhero” got his nose broken over the weekend while trying to break up a fight while making his nightly rounds in mask and costume, KOMO-TV reports.
Phoenix Jones, the pseudonym of the caped crusader who leads the band of superheroes, tells KOMO that he had called 911 and was holding a man in a headlock when a second man pulled out a gun.
When Jones released the first bad guy, that man promptly kicked Jones in the face.
KOMO says some police officers are uneasy with the superhero gang and have confused some of them with real criminals. To avoid a mixup, Seattle police put out a bulletin in November to alert officers.
Police say they would prefer that the superheroes simply call 911 if they spot a crime in progress and not try to tackle it themselves.
“Does Superman get his ass kicked?” one detective said to KOMO. “These people should not be called superheroes.”
Jones, who claims that his team has either military or police training, started his crime-fighting ways after a friend of his was beaten up on the street.