Local Superheroes Aim To Help In Recent Cases

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Xtreme Justice League Helping Fight Crime In County
SAN DIEGO — A series of attacks in the Chula Vista and College areas have caused a local group to take action. They’re armed with bulletproof vests and mace — and they’re pretty hard to miss.
Mr. Xtreme, who is dressed in a full superhero costume complete with a helmet, a cape and a bulletproof vest, said that he’s tired of seeing people become victims, so he and his crew patrol the streets.
The Xtreme Justice League is dedicated to protecting innocents from villains – villains like the man who attacked a woman near Campanile and Montezuma, by the San Diego State University campus, while she was walking home at 3 a.m. last week. The bruise on Haley’s eye is still visible after she was punched in the face by the man.
“As he punched me I got out of his grasp and ran away,” Haley, who doesn’t want us to use her last name, told 10News.
Attacks like the one against Haley and the recent actions of a serial groper in Chula Vista motivate Mr. Xtreme to spring into action. He calls himself a real-life superhero and he and his crew are on a mission to stop these villains from attacking again.
The Xtreme Justice League wants to stop violence against women so they posted flyers near SDSU and Chula Vista featuring sketches of the man suspected of attacking Haley and the man responsible for groping at least 13 women and girls in the Chula Vista area during the last four months.
Mr. Xtreme has a message for villains: “If we see you out there and you even think about committing a crime, we are going to stop you and we are going to place you under citizen’s arrest. We will slam you on the ground and bring you to justice.”
Mr. Xtreme and his pals are armed with a mace gun, a bulletproof vest, and a Taser. They said all of their weapons are legal, and they’re not afraid to use them.
SDSU student Joel Garcia said, “At first you might think, ‘is this man a mad man?’ but after a while he looks okay,”
The Chula Vista Police Department is remaining neutral on the group but they don’t encourage anyone to confront suspects.
Haley said she’s not the first of her friends to be attacked and although she’s not familiar with the XJL, she’s grateful for their actions.
“I’m glad that people are taking action near the campus to make sure that other students are safe,” she said.
Mr. Xtreme said that he doesn’t have a law enforcement background but he has worked in security before. The so-called superhero said he’s been in a few violent situations but it’s not his intent to harass anyone.
He and his group are patrolling the College and Chula Vista areas into the weekend.