Evidence Collection Kit

By Thanatos
I’ve been putting a proper evidence kit together for some time now.  it’s taken some time to assemble everything together.  I’ve used online catalogs and additional references to put together a professional style kit.  this is what I have so far.
got things a little bit at a time.  the case for Christmas





contents of left section


contents of center section


right section


and a complete list of things so far
inside pocket-lid-
2x 2GB cards       ruler/scale (x2)
toothbrush         touch light
marker pen         plastic locking forceps
flex lite          steel spring forceps
bic lighter        plastic spring forceps
scalpel blades     6 ft tape measure
left compartment-
2x DVD/CD blanks
plastic bags 8 1/2 x 11
plastic bags 4 x 6
plastic bags 2 x 4
sponge head swabs
tongue depressors
sterile syringe
latex and nitril gloves
q-tip swabs
center comartment-
digital camera
paper bags 4 x 8
safety glasses
pure water in single use dispenser
aron-alpha glue
tape recorder
60 min cassette
2 inch tape
1 inch tape
1/2 inch tape
3 x 6 index cards-blank
plastic bags 2×2
right compartment-
sheet magnifier
assorted size magnifiers (x3)
lighted magnifier
super scissors
plastic locking forceps (x2)
eye lupe- 6x
pen light
pressure scissors
utility knife
chemical hazard gloves
instrument pack-
steel spring forceps
large tissue scissors
scalpal handle
fine tip scissors
fine side cutters
locking forcep
locking forcep
ultimate scissors
small locking forceps
I still have test kits for drugs ans a few other things to come along yet.  it’s a work in progress.

2 Comments on “Evidence Collection Kit

  1. It depends.
    If it is a criminal case AND the prosecution believes you AND you are willing to testify that you collected it AND you followed decent chain of custody practices then they it is likely that the prosecution will subpoena you and your evidence. There are many professional private forensic companies and private investigators that collect evidence on behalf of clients, or courts in some cases, and it is admitted every day.
    The rules are much more lax in a civil proceeding.
    In my experience the hard part is convincing the prosecution to submit the evindence to the court. Look at each case individually. If it is a 15 year old graffiti vandal and you are processing prints off of a spray can found at the scene, it isn’t worth it and it may only be circumstantial evidence at best. If it is a knife that killed a family and you were able to pull prints and DNA off of it before it was somehow destroyed and forensics was able to prove that this was the knife that was used in the crime then the prosecutors may want it…