H.O.P.E. 2011

Razorhawk is organizing a massive homeless outreach event at Comic Con 2011 in San Diego

This will hopefully be the most massive outreach to homeless people in Southern California on the weekend of ComiCon 2011. We hope to get 50-100 heroes and hero support together to reach out to the homeless with food, water and supplies. hopefully making an impact that will be felt everywhere!
Updated information can be found at-
The event will go from 10PM July 22,2011 until 12 or 1 am and will recommence on Saturday afternoon July 23,2011 at Noon and run for 4-6 hours. We are also acceting donations and sponsorship that will help us get more supplies so we can help the maximum number of people.

Further Information
From Atavistik
“Hope alone gets nothing accomplished… you must have the will to make that hope a reality.”
July 23rd (Saturday) 2011 is a day that members of this community will meet at the San Diego Con to both attend the Con and to participate in a joint outreach effort to aid those in need in that area. while the odds are that a large group will be in attendance, many community members will not be able to participate. as such, we kinda figured that it would be cool to supplement the group effort in SD with as many other such handouts as possible anywhere and everywhere we can. anyone interested (I’m even leaning towards non-RLSH and non-gimmick people here) could take the 8-9 months until getting ready to do as much good as they can….. that doesn’t mean you have to save it all up til then either. think about the prime package possibilities people! {sorry, couldn’t help it} and what’s the point? because alone, at best you are seen as a costumed eccentric (not in most instances though Rolling Eyes ) at the Con, Raz and those guys will be people in costumes…. at a Comic Convention Rolling Eyes ……. that do some outreach. in costume. if we hit on the same day from the west coast all the way to Lady Liberty, from Tenochtitlan to Barrow and anywhere else that you couldn’t possibly walk from here (okay. so the Statue of Liberty is on an island and most people think Montezuma is a tequila} but you get my point) doing outreach with a flier about the HOPE meet (okay, so I’m not sure HOPE is all caps…. but I like it that way) and a simple explanation thereof, well…… then all you need is contact info and informational links.
since Raz said he’d work up a pdf flier and I have a bigger mouth than my little brother, I’m posting the sign-up sheet. I say “sign up sheet” because people could be interested in helping out, if there’s someone from here already doing this in their area we can direct that help in their direction. if there isn’t, maybe that interested person could get something going anyways…..
in short; outreach/handout, July 23rd 2011, in your town (it’s up to you)……. interested??
More information at: http://www.therlsh.net/bulletin-board-f23/hope-2011-homeless-handout-t6234.htm