SuperSuperDara – RLSH Spotlight

Location: Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Category: Public Service/Activism
Stories are key. If you want people to remember ideas so they can change and get better results, tell them stories”
I am here to help preventing the sexual abuse of children by using the Power of Storytelling to mobilize adults, families and communities to take actions that protect children before they are harmed. Sexual abuse of children is a grim fact of life in our society. It is more common than most people realize. Some surveys say that at least 1 out of 5 women and 1 out of 10 men recall sexual abuse in childhood.
I believe that all families, tribes and societies need resolute storytellers to constantly encourage, inspire and guide their people in a positive moral manner!My SuperSuperPower is to enter into people’s imagination and interact with their deepest human emotions in a quick, powerful, free, natural, refreshing, energizing, collaborative, persuasive, holistic, entertaining, moving, memorable and authentic way using the Power of Storytelling.I strongly believe that Storytelling is one of the key fundamental items that can shift things around a bit as far as knowledge sharing and collaboration are concerned because amongst other things it breaks most of the different traditional barriers that have been around our society for so long.That is what storytelling is all about: power to the people to share stories with others so that we could all learn from one another and eventually make our lives better.
Real Life ActivitiesTell stories to the children and adults in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.On the watch for children sexual abusers activity – alerting children about children sexual abuse and teaching them how to protect themselves.
Tools of the Trade

  • Cellphone
  • Children’s books
  • Tales, fables, folklore, myths, legends, and powerful stories.

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