RLSH Spotlight – Purple Lotus

Purple-LotusThe Purple Lotus
Location – Sunny South Florida- Mainly Palm Beach County
From the Purple Lotus:
I go on lots of street patrols on main drags where there’s a bar scene lately and watch over the drunks.  I’ve dropped ” the lotus line ” phone number at several bars providing a one time free ride within a reasonable distance to any drinkers in need.  My truck – ” the lotus loader ”  is outfitted with trash detail equipment, fire extinguisher, jumper cables, first aid kit, etc.  I clean up little parks and city beautification medians as I go.  My strongest suit is communication.  I try to make every encounter I have with anyone an empowering and helpful experience.  I’d rather see a crackhead come out of hell than be a convicted felon.  As an 8 year and on-going recovering alcoholic, I carry the message of the 12 steps and all the good recovery verbal technology.  When used by a skilled wizard and linguist, it works wonders.  I am a helpful, quick thinking, and problem solving guy.  I approach every situation as a skilled tradesman would.  It’s all doable.  The main goal I have is to use my words to effect great change for the positive at a global level by cultivating the love for RLSH and anything like it.  Basically, I want to live in a world with awesome professional superheroes who have mastered their craft and help to save the world daily.
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