Real-life ‘superhero’ patrols streets

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‘Viper’ causing quite a stir in Tennessee
Updated: Tuesday, 06 Jul 2010, 7:38 AM EDT
Published : Tuesday, 06 Jul 2010, 7:38 AM EDT
COLUMBIA, Tenn. (CNN/WSMV) – He may not have any super powers, but a college student donning a tight costume and patrolling the streets of Columbia, Tenn. is causing quite a stir.
The man, who calls himself Viper, says he’s out to stop crime by reporting to police when he sees it happening. But last week, the Viper found himself at the center of authorities’ attention because he was breaking a city ordinance banning people from wearing masks in public.
Authorities say he was carrying a utility belt that was holding a screwdriver and wrenches. They say they also found ninja stars in his car.
Now, the Viper’s becoming a household name around town.
“He’s just wanting to do something fun and maybe entertaining to grab some attention,” said one area resident.
Police let the college student turned superhero go, but they did urge the green-clad man to leave crime fighting to the men and women in blue.