Meet Middle Tennessee’s Real Life Superhero

Originally posted:
by Nick Beres
MCMINNVILLE, Tenn. –  A small Middle Tennessee town has its own crime fighting mystery man. His name is Catman, and he claims to be a real life superhero living in McMinnville.
He’s one of 350 registered so-called super heroes.
“We’re willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to help other people,” said Catman, who keeps his real name a secret.
Catman wears a costume, but no mask. There’s cat ears, cat tail and a utility belt with flashlight, tools, cellphone and first aid kit.
He leaves fighting crime to the police. Catman says he does make a difference picking up trash, helping seniors, patrolling the downtown.
“You have people who appreciate you when it happens and you have people who think you are a just a goofball,” said Catman.
Catman has been at it for four years and counting.  Locals know the 25-year-old hero.
“Yeah, everybody knows who he is. He’s a good guy,” said Garner Loudermilk, a local merchant.
Catman even has his own Cat Cave in the basement of a home in downtown McMinnville. That’s where he designs his costumes, practices self defense, and studies books to make him a better super hero.
“That’s what it’s all about: Helping people everytime you see the opportunity,” said Catman.
When Catman is not fighting crime, he washes dishes to pay his bills and help people.