Meet The Viper: He’s a Real-Life Superhero

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By Tim Reeves
Any self-respecting comic book superhero fan has, at some point, dreamt of donning a costume (preferably spandex), pulling on a mask and hitting the streets to deliver some some real life vigilantism (complete with wisecracks, obviously). The recent movie Kick-Ass addressed this scenario and worked on the assumption that once someone started a crime-fighting career, others would surely follow.
Well, in a case of life imitating art, a 20-year-old student in the US (where else?) has decided that enough is enough and he’s taking on the criminals of Columbia… in a green and black suit.
Chemistry and Art major, Christian Tyler Hardee, has been apprehended by the local police force prowling the streets, looking for crime to bash up. Sounds pretty exciting. To top it all off he’s also changed his name – not to Super Chris or anything rubbish like that. No, at night Chris becomes… The Viper. Brilliant.
According to the Columbia Daily Herald, The Viper was stopped around 12.30am the other night in his costume. He was wearing a utility belt (containing a screwdriver and mobile phone) and two plastic sticks. Upon searching his car, officers found ninja throwing stars – can this guy be any better prepared?
Thankfully for the citizens of Columbia, the police didn’t arrest him but left him off with a warning (even though, apparently, it’s illegal to wear a mask in that city). As The Viper later told the paper: “I’m just a guy trying to do what’s right in tights.” Well done, that man.
Watch the news report about The Viper below:

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