Milwaukee Meet Up July 30/31

the-watchmanFrom Tea Krulos
I’m glad to extend an open invitation to all RLSH (and associated personnel) to join myself and the Milwaukee RLSH for a meet up July 30/31.
The purpose for the meet up is the Riverwest 24 bicycle race. The RW24 is a grass roots community event organized by a small group of people. it is a 24 hour long race (7PM July 30- 7PM July 31) for people in a few different categories (solo bikers, groups sharing one bike, groups that each have their own bike) last year had 400 some bicyclists from Milwaukee and all over the midwest.
The Watchman patrolled during the race last year, by foot and car. The race organizers invited him back this year. They also asked if RLSH would like to participate in a “bonus checkpoint.”
RW24 has asked the RLSH to do one, so we’re trying to think of something that will be fun but that people might take something away from. In any case, it’ll be good for the local guys because they’ll get to meet several hundred people who will at least know who they are when they see them in the neighborhood.
When Watchman, Blackbird, and myself talked about it we agreed we should invite other RLSH to join us, if they wish, in presenting this bonus checkpoint and then walking (or possibly bicycling) during the RW24 race, keeping an eye out for bicyclists that may need our assistance. In addition, we’ll have some down time and may develop other ideas on what to do.
Further Details
-Going to start patrol at nightfall. Not sure on method of patrol yet.
– At the stroke of Midnight, RLSHs have been invited to host a “bonus checkpoint” which will take place on Reservoir Hill. This is large hill with a great view of the Milwaukee skyline. The bonus checkpoint lasts two hours, and probably a couple hundred people (minimum) will be cycling through. We’re probably going to have them participate in a video project having them dress up and declare heroic things. Should be a chance to introduce a lot of people to the RLSH concept in a fun way. Also will be handing out water to the cyclists (this is actually really helpful; there were a few cases of dehydration last year).
– Afterward, will continue to patrol the course at least until sunrise.
– French journalist Pierre-Elie de Pibrac will be on hand taking photos.
-Anyone from the RLSH community is welcome to attend and participate. I think this will be a great event. The organizers are very into it, and I think you’ll find the neighborhood open to what you guys are doing.
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