Real-Life Costumed Do-Gooders Do Good

(May 11)– You’d probably expect me to rip on real-life people who don spandex and head out into their fair cities to help the citizenry and fight crime.
After all, to norms, these people are nothing more than carbon copies of the Star Wars Kid, flipping a broom handle around like it’s a light saber.
Members of the group Superheroes Anonymous
But no. I actually think these guys are cool as hell. They’re doing precisely what I wish I could have done as a teenager, and what I wish I had the courage to do today.
Sure, their heroism isn’t quite up to the vigilante standards of Batman or the Punisher, but hell, helping bring awareness to hunger and homelessness, and cutting off annoying parking predators’ wheel boots, scores them an “A” in my book.
You go, heroes.
-Joe Peacock-