Past the Mask on 20/20

Studio-7-800x53320/20 will be airing a segment featuring Superheroes: individuals with extraordinary abilities and inspirational citizen heroes. Life and DC’s Guardian will be featured as part of the Costumed Activist part of the show. ‘Past the Mask: The Real Life Superhero Project’ will be featured as well. This segment is scheduled to premiere Tuesday night, June 1st.
‘Past the Mask is a photo project by Peter Tangen. This project featured twenty individuals from the Real Life Superhero Subculture who flew down to Los Angeles to take part in this. These RLSH, some who have never met each other, were photographed in late September at a studio in Hollywood, California. ‘Past the Mask: The Real Life Superhero Project’ invites viewers, through photos and accompanying text and videos, into the “outsider world” of the RLSH community. A series of “Sub Culture/Pop Culture” posters are to be released on The goal of the project is to create a fundraising event in which proceeds benefit a children’s charity.
Peter Tangen, of Peter Tangen Productions, is world renowned photography. His works include movie posters for the following companies:
20th Century Fox
Bravo TV
Dreamworks SKG
Lionsgate Entertainment
Paramount Pictures
The Sci-Fi Network
Universal Pictures
USA Network
Walt Disney Studios
Warner Bros
Peter Tangen paragraphed and produced the movie posters for the Spiderman trilogy as well as Batman Begins, Most recently, his studio recently produced the movie posters for the remake of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street.’
For more information about ‘Past the Mask: The Real Life Superhero Project’, visit the site at 20/20 will be posting content related to the Real Life Superhero Project on May 31 at
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