Tracking as opposed to trailing

By Thanatos
Tracking is somewhat similar and takes a larger investment in time but the results are still obtainable and in a safer procedure as well. You basically trail somebody in steps once you know where the steps are located.
I’ll explain how I tracked one individual from downtown to a location in another city here in the lower mainland.
I watched one dealer leave everyday about noon and return in a few hours with more supplies to sell. so the first couple of days I followed him as far as the sky train station.
then I waited at the sky train station and followed him on to a train. I watched him get off in New Westminster for a couple of days.
Then I waited at the New West station at the time he should be coming through. I followed him to the bus area and noted what bus he got on. Again for a couple of days to be sure of the pattern.
Next I rode the bus, making sure to be ahead of him by a few people when boarding the bus, and again noted where he got off. Then I drove around the area and looked it over. it was a older residential area. kind of quiet but there was graffiti around.
I decided to ‘stake out’ the area of the bus stop and see where he went from there. So I could hang out in the area for a while I dressed in a hard hat, safety vest and a clip board. Then I walked around the area and stopped at every hydro pole and wrote the serial number down on my clipboard. It at least looked like I was doing something.
I watched him get off the bus and walk over to a house that had caught my eye. The yard behind the high fence was full of garbage and the place looked to be lived in by about a dozen or more people.
He stayed a hour and just as I was getting ready to leave, having listed all the poles and not wanting to draw attention by just hanging around, he left and waited for the bus.
the next day I followed him from the sky train station back to downtown.
I relayed the information about the location of the house to my police contact.
I wore different clothes every time. everything from ‘street’ clothes to a suit to work clothes. You have to take your time and sometimes even start all over from the beginning again.
Also before you run out and try this it pays to practice ‘playing spy’ with friends or family or who ever. Once you feel comfortable then you might attempt it. Just remember if you think you’ve been spotted then terminate what you’re doing and approach it from a different angle.
This isn’t a comic book or a movie. This is real life and these people play for keeps.
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  1. I like this. Thanks Thanatos, I was asking around for this kind of how-to information due to some issues that have come up in my city.
    This was a big help.