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By Andrew Moore
There was a question poised in Matthew Vaughn’s fantastic, action packed, superhero film, Kick Ass, when the protagonist – played by Aaron Johnson – asked his friends, why hasn’t anyone ever decided to become a ‘real-life superhero’ similar to those featured in the comic books?
After hopping on Google for a quick glance, it turns out many have and the results were surprising to say the least.
Similar to the title character in Kick Ass many of these ‘real life superheroes’ can be contacted through the wonders of MySpace. The website Real Life has conveniently complied an extensive list – comprising over 60 of Earth’s current and retired champions, just in case you are one of those people out there holding out for a hero.
Though whether I’d rely on these guys to save the planet from an impending alien invasion is another matter entirely.
Initial impressions suggest there is an eclectic mixture of individuals out there ranging from environmental, political and social activists to the traditional crime fighting variety reminiscent of mainstream comic book lore.
Though some people may question their sanity or if its’ merely bored geeks taking the piss and wanting to create a few YouTube videos, you can’t help but find their reasons for donning the costumes quite endearing.
First under the spotlight in the mysterious, female avenger, known as Foxfire – her real identity is of course unknown – who has been patrolling the streets of Michigan as far back as 1997.
On her MySpace page she describes herself as:“A troublemaking revolutionary dedicated to shifting the dominant paradigm, I also have a knack for the wizardly arts. I aspire to be a “Guardian of Light”, which is, in modern terms, the same thing as a superhero.”
While the sceptics may throw their nose up and dismiss these antics out-right, there is bound to be others out there who must feel inspired by Foxfire’s intentions.
“My goal is to integrate magic, mystery, wonder and awe back into the modern American’s psyche–which is, at most, a slim chance. Still, it must be done!”
Captain Ozone

Italy’s Entomo and Ireland’s own Captain O-Zone however are superheroes with a much more relevant message to the world. In the face of constant climate change they take it upon themselves to channel their inner Captain Planet and promote the green word amongst their supporters.
Entomo, speaking of his beloved enthusiasm for his role he said: “To be a Real Life Superhero is truly the greatest deed a man can accomplish in a backwards world like this, where fiction is truer to reality than reality itself. On the other hand, the chance to fight for such a stunning planet is too significant to be turned down. Hear my buzz, fear my bite: I inject justice.”
Captain O-Zone
Captain O-Zone added: “I am an environmental, real-life superhero. I did not travel far-flung just to ask you to become a vegan, plant a tree, and to ride your bicycle. And I’m not here just to encourage you to vote for “green” politicians. I’m here looking for dynamic agents of change (not armchair activists) to join me in my righteous campaign for renewable energy!”
Admittedly to this journalist’s disappointment, the sole purpose for the majority of these RSH becomes clearer when looking into such characters as Peter Pixie and – the aptly named – Superhero who use their larger than life personas to benefit their own community in charitable capacities.
Superhero donates his spare time to helping children’s hospitals and feeding the homeless, while Peter Pixie along with four other people – The Ornament, El Secreto, The Phantom, She-Rock – founded of the Justice League of Denton with the purpose of raising money for the historic Orpheum Theatre.
So they might not have the resources of Batman, the powers of Superman and ingenuity of Spiderman but they certainly have the inspiration, the ambition and the good intentions at heart.
However one can’t help but think, with the success likely to come from the release of Kick Ass, the world might witness a new influx of real life superheroes. Or perhaps just massive boosts in Hit-Girl costumes come Halloween. Earth waits with baited breath.
Kick Ass is in cinemas nationwide now.
Kick Ass: Leading the way for real-life DIY super heroes?