Film Review: Kick-Ass

dgatkaThe movie Kick-Ass was quite possibly the greatest comic book, turned movie that I have ever seen. It sets the bar for the new age superhero films. This movie was a refreshing break away from the conventional superhero story. It gives the audience everything that they want in a movie ; action, comedy, suspense, sadness, and so on. Kick-Ass manages to awaken all types of emotion throughout the film. This movie will have people cheering, wincing, laughing, and maybe even tearing up at times.
The story is a fantastic adaptation of the comic created by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. They tell the story of Dave Lizewski, a regular kid who rises above the norm and becomes a superhero in real life. As someone who puts on a costume, and who has gone out to fight crime and help people; I have to say Dave Lizewski’s/Kick-Ass character was fantastic. His character had a lot of parallels to what it is like to be a superhero in real life.
The cast they chose gave a very strong performance; including big film actor Nicholas Cage to the new up and coming Aaron Johnson. Chloe Moretz gave a memorable performance as Hit Girl. While I did find this movie to be entertaining, it is not a film to take younger children, that is why it is rated R. The movie at times was quite violent, mostly in the scenes with Big Daddy and Hit Girl. If you are looking for an action packed film this is it. Personally, what I loved most about this movie, was the idea of becoming a real life superhero; the idea that one person would be willing to stand up to help and protect others even at the risk of their own life. The Kick-Ass character really brought this idea to light in the movie.
There was one scene that I felt was extremely powerful; however I don’t want to tell too much, but it honestly sums up and demonstrates why many real life superheroes do what we do.
This movie is fantastic. I loved it. I can’t wait to see it again.