Evidence Collection

By Thanatos
If your going to collect evidence remember, most anything you collect is not going to be admissible in any court of law. However it can be used by police to establish what is referred to as ‘probable cause to suspect a criminal activity and investigate’.
If you are going to collect evidence and want it to be useful you have to follow rules and procedure as best you can. you want to be able to prove, to the police if to no one else, that you took the correct procedure on collecting it. this allows them to be able to say that evidence was given to them by a trusted source of information. that’s you.
in another thread is a breakdown of a simple evidence collecting kit. you don’t need everything all at once to get started. read up on proper procedure, found all over the internet and apply it to what you do.

First set up a proper system of keeping track and logging the evidence. you should be able to tell police where you got it, when, how and how was it handled after collecting. being able to show pictures and logs and notes goes a long way to convincing police how professional you are trying to be. trust me, it helps.
Get a separate book to keep track of anything you collect. also keep good notes on all of your activities.

I picked a very loud cover so it wouldn’t get left out. the black envelope is what I use to transfer evidence to my police contact.
Who says we can’t do things in style and still look good?

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