Citizen Prime retires

citizen_prime_02Message from Citizen Prime

It is with a sense of resolute peace and serenity that Citizen Prime is putting down the cape and cowl. I am going to be spending my time making my own children strong and resilient, and fostering love in my family. Truthfully, this is a decision that I have been wrestling with since the birth of my second child and it has finally won me over with its reason and wisdom.
Truthfully, the Real Life Super Hero movement and I have always been somewhat at odds. My message has been one of hope and peace through positive action. The darker elements of the movement always threaten to engulf the social enlightenment I, and others, advocate and it eventually kept me at arm’s length from the majority of the RLSH. While I always found this regrettable, I also found it inevitable, and it made me wonder if Citizen Prime’s presence was contrary to the very message I evangelized.
I wish no one or no thing ill will and encourage all who have taken this path to see what differences they can make in the world. The Real Life Super Hero movement is powerful and important. I must put it aside as I have three people in life that take priority and I feel I must dedicate my life to them now. Those three people are my wife, my son and my daughter. I have come to a decision that they are far better served with a husband and father who can dedicate his energies to making their lives everything they can possibly be.
I leave this movement knowing there are many of you who are good people. You will and must carry your awesome message forward to the world.
God bless you all and perhaps Citizen Prime will live on in a fictional Prime-verse through stories and graphic novels. Who knows what the future will bring. And whatever that future is, it is up to each of you to contribute your fair share.
Best Always,
Citizen Prime

Citizen Prime was one of the original founders of as well as the short live super-group the Worldwide Heroes Organization. He also founded Kid Heroes, a group dedicated to education kids on personal empowerment and taking action in emergency situations.
We here at Real Life wish him the best in his future endeavors and know that he’ll be making a difference uniform or not.

10 Comments on “Citizen Prime retires

  1. Maybe one day you will be back even if you are not activly fighting crime on the streets I do hope to see you on the forum In the Meantime Congrats are in order to the family to you and the wife and to the kid who just became an older bro/Sis May the new child live a long and happy life May Nelvanna keep watch over the kids and the lights from her hair shine brightly on them forever

  2. You have been a good friend and inspiration to me. You are a pioneer in the real life superhero movement. You have been a major part of and helped the RLSH movement more than you know. I understand you hanging up the cape; family is the most important thing. I’m starting to think about having a family myself now. You have been a great example to all and should be very proud of your work as Citizen Prime. I wanted to let you know that you have helped make me be a better RLSH and a better person through your attitude, actions, and friendship. You will be missed. Hopefully others will carry on in your footsteps.
    Your Friend & Colleague,
    -Dark Guardian-

  3. Citizen Prime, you are one of my main RLSH inspirations. Your upbeat, public involved style of real life superheroism is what the movement and concerned citizens everyehere need. The movements “loss” is your family’s gain and a good father/husband is always a superhero in my book!

  4. I’m sad to see you go, especially since I never really got to know you. You were one of the first Real Life Superheroes I heard about — and as you mentioned, one of the most positive ones as well. I understand your decision entirely though. If I’m ever fortunate enough to have a wife and children, I’ll be sure to put them first too, although hopefully I’ll still be able to do my community work in some form.
    Good luck to you in your future endeavours!

  5. I’ve seen you in action, sir. You are significant in my life as well. Thank you for being one of the true good guys. Godspeed.