Green Power Rally

Environmental Media Northwest, Captain Ozone and a group of local citizens are organizing a public demonstration for renewable energy known as “Green Power Rally” which will occur on Saturday, July 31st, 2010.
This will be the very first demonstration of its kind in America, raising public awareness and support for renewable energy far and wide.
Green Power Rally is not an aggressive protest against the fossil fuel or nuclear power corporations. It is an optimistic, peaceful demonstration to support zero-emissions energy.
The demonstration will teach local citizens the following:
1) Green Power can make all nations energy self-sufficient – eliminating wars over limited supplies of foreign oil.
2) Zero-emissions energy will never cause climate change.
3) Green Power can create millions of new industrial jobs – boosting our global economy.
4) 12 ways to be a Green Power activist.

Captain Ozone is looking for other Real-life Superheroes who wish to become lead public demonstrators in their home cities for Green Power Rally.
Wearing your superhero uniform, you will be leading a small group of your friends and family who will be demonstrating for Green Power with you in your local community. Your superhero uniform will act as an attention-grabber for your local media!
If you’re interested in becoming a lead public demonstrator for Green Power Rally in your home city, please contact Captain Ozone at
~Captain Ozone

Green Power Rally will take place on Saturday, July 31st, 2010.
For more information about this demonstration, go to

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  1. WTG, Captain Ozone!
    I’ll also be taking part in or organizing a peaceful rally in Minnesota to help save the planet.
    Your Friend,