Helping in crime ridden areas

Public Safety patrols – Work on getting a group together to patrol through crime ridden areas. This will help deter crime and let the bad element know there are people watching. You will not run into crime on a regular basis, but it will happen if you are out enough.
Neighborhood watch – Set up or get involved with a local neighborhood watch group.
Post wanted fliers – something like posting wanted fliers is helpful in not only find the criminal but making a statement to the community that their are people watching and looking out.
Clean Graffiti – It helps make the community a nicer place and let’s the vandals know they will not get away with defacing personal and private property.
Area Clean ups – This also helps make the community nicer and show that someone cares and gives the message that we all need to be mindful of our community.
Sting operations – This is a bit difficult and is not a good idea for everyone to do.
Do sting operations like leaving a car unlocked in a bad neighborhood or a woman standing alone. Waiting for a perp to try and do something and bust them on the spot. Do only with a well trained group of individuals. Use cameras to have clear evidence.
Rallies – After you build a rep in a community it would be great to be able to hold a rally about helping the community. It raises awareness, gets people involved, spreads your message, and let’s the bad element know the community is united against them.
All these can help turn a neighborhood around.