Shadow Hare & Silver Moon: Cincinnati's True Life Super Heroes

By Carol Rucker
Fighting Crime in Cincinnati-
At age twenty-one, Shadow Hare has already logged four years of fighting crime in the shadows of Cincinnati streets; but he has only recently made his efforts known to the public. Cincinnati’s very own crime fighter stepped out of the shadows at high noon to answer a few questions. “I’m a crime fighter,” Shadow Hare said; and that’s what he does, stopping criminals in the act, preventing crime wherever he goes. Perhaps it was the adversity Shadow Hare endured as a child that inspired his current path. “I was tortured,” he said. Such suffering could very easily have pushed a weaker man toward vindication; but Shadow Hare transformed the energy of those childhood traumas into a drive to make the world a better place. Shadow Hare is a member of the Allegiance of Heroes and what he does is part of a nationwide trend evidenced by World Superhero Registry, one of many sites keeping superhero stats. There are others like him across the country, but until recently, Shadow Hare stood alone in his quest to fight crime on Cincinnati’s streets. These days trusted aide and pupil, Silver Moon, joins him in his crime fighting quest.
Shadow Hare -The Eyes and Ears of Cincinnati-
“To get what you’ve never had, you have to do things you’ve never done,” Shadow Hare explained. True to this age-old philosophy, he is doing something that’s never been done on the streets of Cincinnati. A superhero, patrolling Cincinnati’s streets as the eyes and ears of the police, he prevents crime and spreads awareness.
The Ionosphere – Shadow Hare’s Headquarters-
Shadow Hare is like a shadow indeed, coming and going quickly, slipping in and out of the crowd to aid victims of criminal acts. Sometimes he breezes through the city on a Segway, one of those handy two-wheeled personal transportation devices that make navigating the city’s terrain more convenient than in a car and faster than walking. Like most superheroes, unless someone needs him, Shadow Hare remains illusive to the average citizen. It took Greg Reese From Cincinnati weeks of seeking him out before he located Silver Hare and his companion, Silver Moon, and they agreed to make an appearance in The Ionosphere, their headquarters at the north edge of Downtown Cincinnati The Ionosphere, the official Shadow Hare-Silver-Moon headquarters, is not as secretive a place as the name might imply. It’s a Segway Dealership at Central Parkway and Vine in an up and coming area referred to by some as The Q.
The Shadow Hare’s Crime Fighting Costume-
Shadow Hare was clad in black from head to toe, with a traditional super hero cape flowing behind him. Emblazoned on his chest and characterized in the features of his face mask, was his namesake, the Shadow Hare, a ghostly rabbit with distorted features straight out of one of his dreams. During childhood that ghostly animal reached out to him, Shadow Hare says, becoming his comforter. Today that comforting creature is a symbol of Shadow Hare’s desire to protect and comfort all Cincinnati citizens.
Shadow Hare’s Crime Fighting Tools-
Beneath his costume, Shadow Hare is not the usual tall, muscle-ripped hunk of fictional hero fame. He is an everyday real man, perhaps a bit thin, but with drive and intensity enough to make up for any lack of physical stature. Combined with the element of surprise, Shadow Hare’s martial arts skills are his chief crime fighting weapon. In a brief demonstration, he illustrated his ability to bring down an offender with non lethal force. And if his martial arts skill should fail him, the 120,000 volt tazer dangling from his belt should certainly do the job.
Silver Moon- Shadow Hare’s Companion-
As Shadow Hare’s partner, the petite Silver Moon dons matching head-to-toe-black garb. Arms crossed over the white halo and single star adorning her chest, the super-heroine-in-training manages to look tough while maintaining a feminine air. Like Shadow Hare, she is dedicated to making the city a better place. Silver Moon is new to the crime fighting game. She is still learning from Shadow Hare the martial arts skills necessary to take on Cincinnati’s criminal element; but when you see Shadow Hare, you will most likely see Silver Moon, standing nearby, waiting, watching, and every bit as motivated to serve the public as her male superhero counterpart.
Shadow Hare & Silver Moon – Causing A Stir on the Street-
As the super hero and his lady companion stepped from The Ionosphere into the afternoon sunlight, they struck a pose for the camera, and caused a stir by their mere presence on the street. Lunchtime passersby clicked away with phone cameras. Some stopped to ask a question or two. Motorists called out to him or cheered; some blew their horns as he whoosed by on his Segway. Shadow Hare saluted or waved in return. Moments after Shadow Hare mounted his Segway, preparing to demonstrate how he moves along the city streets, a Cincinnati police car parked near the Vine Street corner where he stood. Next a bicycle-mounted policewoman arrived on the scene, as did another officer who parked his car on Central Parkway. “Some scoff at me. Others take me seriously.” Shadow Hare said, referring to the police officers. To that he added, “I trust the police.” Still he says “no one needs authorization to be a super hero.” If you want to follow in his footsteps, you need only contact him.
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